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Darcy H. – Olympia WA

2010 Subaru Forester

Son in law stopped in the other day to inquire on cars for my mom. What 81 year old doesn’t needed a Subaru? Anne was very helpful. Took my mom in today to buy a car. Beautiful car in beautiful shape. Redone top to bottom. Anne worked hard to keep my mom under budget and we even got extended warranty. No sales pressure. Paperwork was dinner quickly. Very happy. Thank you Roosales and Anne.

Lars M. – Boulder, CO

2009 Subaru Impreza

On our road trip in my daughter´s borrowed Impreza we had three warning lights come on traveling south on I-5. Roosales technician Josh ran a 2 minute code diagnosis and solved the problem with a simple reset. He did not charge us a dime and was super-professional. We have now recommended our daughter come down from Seattle to have her car serviced or repaired at Roosales. She can visit family members in Tacoma at the same time. Excellent customer service!

George S. – Puyallup

2008 Subaru Outback

The experience was top notch!! Anne is very knowledgeable, friendly and a great person to do business with. The car was everything I was hoping for and a lot more. It was the easiest and most rewarding car buying experience I have had I will buy all my cars from Roo sales Thankyou guys for all your hard work it is verry gratifyingly thank You Anne and your team of skilled workers.

Greg M.

2002 Subaru Outback

I stopped by Friday with question about an engine noise my H6 was making. Everyone was super helpful and literally bent over backwards to help me. Thanks guys!!!!!!

Stephanie L. – Olympia, WA

2002 Subaru Outback

After searching for many months to find an affordable car with no success I was pointed in the direction of RooSales. There was no pressure to buy and they were very informative and helpful with the whole process. Anne is such a sweet and wonderful person and I couldn’t be happier with my Subaru. I have no doubt that when the time comes for me to get another car I will be returning to RooSales.

Dave L. – Tacoma, WA

2008 Subaru Legacy

While looking for a first car for our teenage daughter, I was trying to find the balance of value and safety. When I asked my long-term mechanic who I can trust in auto sales, RooSales was at the top of his short list. There were no sales tactics or pressure at Roo, just knowledgeable, honest answers to my questions, and an understanding patience of my indecisiveness. I know they are selective what they bring into inventory. And I feel good that RooSales and RooPair totally specialize in one make of car, know what to replace to make it dependable again (and stand by it), and have the history to know specifically which replacement parts are best. Subarus weren’t on my radar, but they are now, and I am “borrowing” our new Legacy more and more. In general, I rarely submit feedback, unless especially warranted. This is one of those times.

Mindy B.

2002 Subaru Outback

My history with Dan (and Ben!) maintaining my Subarus started in the early 90’s. Because of their honesty, professionalism, skill and consistency at RooPair Specialties, I have continued to own these amazing cars. I can’t say enough about how much peace they have provided my life; the calm of having a well running/maintained car is invaluable! Now, with Anne’s wise and patient guidance at RooSales, I have purchased another Subaru–I’m so happy, and ready, to share many years of peace of mind with this car. Thank you, Anne!

Kevin P. – Tacoma, WA

1984 & 1987 Subaru Brat

Bought my first Brat here after meeting Dan just after they opened, and they’ve been keeping one, then another, running at optimal levels since then.
They’re always ready to offer information, suggestions, and a voice of reason when necessary.
Can’t say enough good things about them.

Buffy B. – Puyallup, WA

2008 Subaru Tribeca

These guys are amazing, honest and trustworthy. They will treat you like family and take care of your needs throughout the life of your Subaru.

Dean B.

1997 Subaru Outback

I have been going to Roopair for more than 20 yrs. Why would you go anywhere else? If it is broke, fix it, @ Roopair.

Stanley G. – Puyallup, WA

Hello, I Have to give Anne A great big thank you! I purchased two vehicles from them,one was 5 yrs ago,a Subaru Justy. And recently brought a Chevy S10 from Roo sales. Anne has gone the extra mile for me. I really am impressed. I would recommend Roo Sales to my friends and family as well.
Thank you Anne!

Paul H – Graham, WA

2004 Subaru Legacy

Me and my wife have had three subarus and were looking for our fourth. We were looking at all the dealerships and really couldn’t find anything that fit our needs. My son mentioned that we should go check out Roosales in puyallup. We went there and they had three we were really interested in. We ended up getting a 2004 outback legacy sedan. One owner plus all maintenance on engine that was due. Great car no pressure sales. If you’re looking for a great used suburu check out Roosales first!

Kevin D. – Puyallup, WA

2005 Subaru Outback

Katy and I thought of getting Subaru Outback around the car dealer and it was difficult to pick the perfect car until I stopped by Roosales Car dealer and it was all Subaru only. Found nice perfect Atlantic Pearl Blue 2005 Subaru Outback. Comfortable and smooth not only that what amazing was they installed all new engines in it which can added around 100k miles to go. Very happy to have that. The Dealer was so nice and patience with us no pressure on us. I decided to say Subaru Outback are my favorite now. I will pass my Subaru Outback to Aiden (our son) when he will become 16 years old. Thank you Roosales Team.

Courtney K. – Puyallup, WA

2012 Subaru Impreza

My boyfriend and I needed a bigger car for our huge dogs. Our first and only stop was at RooSales. Found exactly what we wanted. The car has been wonderful and we look forward to future Subaru purchases from RooSales!!!

John H. – Fircrest, WA

2001 Subaru Outback

I stopped in to buy a used Subaru in Jan 2016 and found a 2001 Outback in lovely condition. The list of things that had been replaced covered almost everything but the chassis itself. 🙂 It drove beautifully and was inexpensive. I bought it on the spot!

I’ve been completely happy with it and would recommend dealing with Roo Sales to anyone looking for a straight-up deal on a good used Subaru.

David H. – Kent, WA

2002 Subaru Forester

I want to thank you for your assistance in the purchase of the 2002 Forester. My wife Linda is very happy with the car. She is already asking for winter floor mats so the carpets do not get stained and for seat covers to protect the seats. She hasn’t been this excited about a car since the first Subaru she bought fresh out of high school. Thank you again and we will be letting a lot more people know about your business.

Jeff B.

Subaru 2003 Outback

I found, after looking at used Subarus, that Anne and Dan really have a good thing going on. Selling great cars and having the ability to service the car. I am very happy with the Outback I purchased, and will be a future customer of RooSales and RooPair Specialties.

Sally I

Subaru 1999 Forester

My husband and I have known Dan Maurin and have been impressed with his knowledge and abilities for over 30 years. We did not know that RooSales existed. We dropped by RooPair to ask Dan if he knew of a used Subaru to fit our needs. We saw what we liked on his lot, he had just finished servicing it and it was on its way to RooSales. Here is a testament to Dan, WE PURCHASED IT WITHOUT EVEN SITTING IN IT. We liked the way it looked and trusted Dan’s word as to the condition it was in. It runs well and is just what we needed for an extra vehicle. Anne came over from RooSales with the paperwork. Thanks Roopair and RooSales for our 1999 Forester.

John T

Subaru 2003 Forester

After a year and a half of looking and researching, we were able to find a nice little Forester for my Daughter. Living on the other side of the state, I needed some piece of mind that a used car was going to go the distance for her. Between the “List”, Private and Dealer sellers I had had my share of uninformed,shifty sellers and phantom cars. You can find a cheap Subie any day of the week. If you know about their issues, great. If you don’t, get the wallet out. This business model makes sense. It is a used car, it will need some work to be reliable, that is most likely why the old owner is selling it. The work, when done by someone that is knowledgeable will cost some money.You get what you pay for. How much is the gamble. This way, you have a better idea what you are getting into. The car I bought has ran well for the last month. Everything works. It has a few little parking lot scuffs but feels solid where it counts, on the road. Looking to return to ROOSales for an all weather car for my Son to attend college with in central Washington.

Jeremiah G

Subaru 2004 Outback

When my wife and I were just starting a family, we wanted something that we knew would keep us safe, get us where we needed to go, and have enough space to haul gear for all the things we love to do. After meeting and viewing RooSales collection of Roo’s, and viewing other dealerships, we knew that RooSales was the only place we could trust for quality. We test drove a few and they were completely honest and upfront, and even encouraged us to go to other dealerships. Our ’04 Outback hasn’t given us one single issue over the last 3 years. When we took it in for it’s yearly tune up, which it didn’t need, we got to meet the same mechanic that did the work before we purchased it. From that experience alone, we made RooSales the only place we will ever buy our Subaru’s. They’re more our friends than our car dealers! We love RooSales!

-The Gandys

Joan C

Subaru 2004 Outback

In looking for a used car, we decided to consider a Subaru and to look at Roosales. We are very happy with our purchase and just as happy with our experience. Anne was patient, knowledgeable and very helpful. This was the easiest car purchase process we have ever experienced. We would recommend Roosales and would return to purchase there again.

Dennis G

Subaru 2005 Forester

The only way to purchase a used Subaru and perhaps the best way to buy any Subaru! Anne knows her Subarus, was patient with us (and all customers we observed). Buy with confidence and enjoy your ride.

Marcie D

Subaru 2002 Forester

subaru_with_effectsMy recent Subaru purchase at RooSales was a great experience. They are very knowledgeable about Subaru’s in general and each car individually. Shopping was easy and I appreciated the wide variety of models on their lot to compare. After I bought the car a few items needed tweaked and the sales staff was responsive and ensured I was a happy customer. I look forward to a continued happy relationship with both RooSales and RooPair. I highly recommend them if you love Subarus.
Thanks again for everything.

Lorna B

Subaru 2003 Outback

A special thanks to Anne and Dan for helping us find a car for our daughter. Your knowledge and willingness to share it- is so appreciated.
Finding a car for a 16 yet old girl isn’t easy and you truly helped !
I also now have a future Subaru mechanic that I trust!

Dan M

Subaru 2009 Forester

We bought our 2009 Forester from Roosales in August 2015. Anne was very patient and spent several weeks working with us and helping us to find the right vehicle for us. Anne was a delight to work with and very knowledgeable. With the vehicle having been checked out and updated by Roopair, you will not face any unwanted surprises after the purchase. Nice people selling reliable cars for a fair price. Frankly, I would not buy a used Subaru from any other dealer.

George J

Subaru 2000 Outback

Bought this great looking car from Anne and Dan 2 years ago, maintained with Dans helps this car just took a road trip to Montana and back. 16 hours of driving at 70mph without a hiccup. Great car, Thanks Anne and Dan!

Will G

Subaru 2004 Forester

IMG_20141228_224548-2Hey Anne! You and your husband sold me a forester about a year ago, and I’ve taken it on a lot of adventures.  Here is a pic from Mt Shasta. Hope you like it, thanks again for the great ride!

Chris N

Subaru 2005 Impreza

1Anne and Dan are very knowledgeable about Subbys and were more than willing to give us advice that helped us sell our Outback Sport without any direct benefit to themselves. There honest opinion and advice helped us better market our car and find a buyer. If this is representative of the way they conduct their business at Roopairs and Roosales I doubt you could go far wrong with either. Thank you Anne & Dan

Sandy J

Subaru 2005 Outback

dspI found myself in need of replacing my ’02 Outback before embarking on two lengthy trips. After doing a lengthy internet search of Craigslist and dealer’s sites, I rediscoverd RooSales and saw a couple of models I was interested in. I had contacted them prior to purchasing the auto I ended up with from another dealer a couple of years prior. Had I been more diligent and realized I should have done business with Anne originally, I most likely would not have been in the spot I was in. But I came back, found I vehicle I’m thrilled with and bought it. Had to make a trip last weekend in weather that the state patrol only allowed cars with AWD to continue on and it handled like a champ. I sent my sister-in-law to Anne following the demise of her Outback at the hands of an impaired driver. She picked up her car this past weekend and she loves it. I’ve referred about four other people who specifically said they were looking for a used Subaru and told them they would be foolish to spend time looking anywhere else. Anne is fantastic to work with. I also had a chance to go to the repair facility to pick up an extra key fob and everybody I encountered was so nice, I just wanted to hang out for a while. If you or anyone you know (and care about) are looking for a quality used Subaru, you would be well-served to begin your search with RooSales and have a conversation with Anne about what you”re looking for. You will not be disappointed.

Ted B

Subaru 1998 Forester

We sold our ’98 Forester to Roo Sales and we couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of customer service we received. From our first phone call to Anne, to our visit to let them check out our car, to their offer to meet us at the new car dealership to finalize the sale, everything went smoothly and professionally. No headaches and no hassles. We highly recommend working with Anne and Dan for either buying or selling.

Jason C

Subaru 2002 Outback

Anne and Dan purchased our used Outback and they were very easy to work with. Dan is extremely knowledgeable about Subaru’s and the sales process was quick easy. If you’re looking to buy from them, they are great people and not at all like “used car salespeople”. Highly recommended!

Don B

Subaru 2001 Outback

We recently were in the market for our 5th Subaru and were considering our 1st used option as a second car. All our previous Subaru cars have been new, and prior to Roopair had been serviced by different Subaru dealers. Not one of the local dealers service compared to the service and knowledge we have experienced from RooPair. Coupled with their outstanding service and the great no pressure sales of RooSales, we decided with confidence to purchase a second Subaru used. It has been over 3 months and as we hoped, it has been a great experience… I highly recommend buying through Roosales!!!

Vanessa V

Subaru 2003 Legacy

dsp Many friends of mine had referred me to RooSales. I am so glad I went! I had a specific checklist of features that I was looking for in a Subaru and I was on a very tight, college, budget. The Legacy I purchased was a steal and the staff was amazingly friendly and down-to-earth, not used car salesmen like! I love my Legacy and if I find myself in the market again for another car I will definitely be going back to RooSales!

Keith H

Subaru 2002 Outback

Anne and Dan bought my Subaru off craigslist. It was posted under value and they were the only ones who told me so. We negotiated a fair price and it was a win-win situation. It was so nice to deal with nice, honest, clear people. That is rare in the auto industry!

Alexis H

Subaru 2005 Outback

4 I cannot say enough good things about this dealership! Both me and my husband bought our cars from them. Anne was wonderful. She didn’t mind staying late and waiting for us, she answered all our questions honestly and respectfully. We were first time car buyers, so we had a lot to learn. I never felt pressured to buy. Anne was great about talking us through the process, and the different maintenance that had been done on the vehicles to assure us the cars we were getting were sound. I plan on coming back to them for my next vehicle purchase!

Stephanie Y

Subaru 2001 Outback

5I just sold my 2001 Subaru Outback to RooSales and would highly recommend them. I had it on craigslist, they responded quickly and made the trip up to North Seattle through the traffic to come take a look the next day. They were in and out within probably 10-15 mins. They had all the paperwork ready and I didn’t have to think! They were so nice and didn’t try to haggle down the price. They were unlike any other car dealers I’ve dealt with. Thanks for the quick and easy transaction!

Tracy K

Subaru 2005 Outback

Many weekends of research and trips looking for the right car kept bringing me back to RooSales. Anne was very knowledgeable and paitent with me. After the purchase of a 2005 Outback all was great until the engine started displaying signs of vibration. Long story, short. Anne and Dan replaced engine parts, labor and towing they took excellent care of all my needs. I will continue to tell all I meet, how professional and trustworthy Roosales has been. Being in business myself, makes it a pleasure to work with owners who have high integtity and a true caring for people. I look forward to my next vehicle purchase or service with Anne and Dan. You can not go wrong with Roosales.

Trish M

Subaru 2008 Outback

 I sold my 2008 Outback to Anne and couldn’t be more pleased with the transaction. She was efficient, honest, and accommodating. I will use Roo Sales next time I”m in the market for a Subaru.

Geri H

Subaru 2000 Forester

We were looking for a reliable car for our sons. Hunted Craiglist for several months and just kept running into dead-ends. We called a few dealers but I never felt like I was getting good information from them. They kept trying to sell me something I didn’t want. I decided to try Roosales and I knew as soon as I walked in that I made a good decision. I’m very confident that the Forester is in tip top shape and that we have a car that we can depend on. Anne is so pleasant and straight forward. No games with her. She actually made buying a car an enjoyable experience.

Renee B

Subaru 2005 Forester

We were in need of a new car and have some friends with Subarus. We looked all over the place, but could not find anything we liked in our price range, even on Craigslist. After a full day of looking from Seattle to Graham, we were driving by RooSales and decided to make it our last stop of the day. We couldn’t be happier. Anne was fantastic. She had exactly what we wanted and better yet, it was in our price range. Then after we bought the Forester, I took it to RooPair for the first oil change and they offered to replace my leaking headlight. I didn’t even have to ask. They are all fantastic!

Tim C

Subaru 2005 Forester

6What a great experience. Simple, honest and friendly. I searched for weeks throughout Western Washington and I should have gone here first. If your looking for a used Subaru these guys will take care of you!

Robert M

Subaru 2003 Forester

The best car buying experience I have had. This Forester is the 4th used Subaru I have purchased and I went in looking with the wary eye of the used car buyer. All the cars on the Roosales lot had been gone through by their Mechanic and most have had the Head Gasket just replaced (including the Forester I purchased). The whole fleet was very nice and I would have purchased any one of them if they had the features I was looking for. Anne was very helpful when I was looking but gave no pressure for me to purchase. She made the paperwork very easy and I was driving away in about an hour after I chose this Car. An all around great experience and no problems at all with the car after 2000 miles. I highly recommend considering their lot as an option for shopping for a used Subaru.

George J

Subaru 2001 Legacy

 Just bought another car from Anne and Dan we are thrilled, great car for our daughter. Dan did a great job of making sure everything mechanical was top notch. Anne does a fabulous job with paperwork, making the sale so easy. Thanks RooSales!

Robin B

Subaru 1999 Legacy

 I spent over a week on Craigslist looking for a 1999 Subaru Legacy with a 5 speed manual. I went all the way to Gresham Oregon to look at one which turned out was so bad I doubt it would have made it off the lot!! On the way home I stoped at the local dealership to inquire about what I was looking for. The receptionist told me about Roo Sales. Low and behold they had exactly what I was looking for right there on the lot!! And for a great price. They are great to deal with. Thank you Roo Sales!!!

Ann G

Subaru 1994 SVX

7When I was ready to sell my Subaru SVX, a friend of mine at the gym recommended Roo Sales, which I hadn’t known about before. I am really glad he did! Their starting price was higher than I would have set, and they sold it for almost that much, so the amount I got at the end, after the commission, was still more than the Kelly Blue Book. Anne was very professional in all of our dealings, so I would highly recommend Roo Sales to anyone with a Subaru to sell.

Brad R

Subaru 1998 Forester

This is a top notch business that I”m happy to recommend! When it was time for me to buy a brand new Subaru Anne made an offer on my 1998 Forester that far exceeded its book “trade in” value. Dan and his crew of techs had been caring for my Forester for over ten years and keeping it in great shape. I’m delighted with RooSales and Roopair!

George J

Subaru 2001 Outback

We picked up another Subaru Outback wagon model. Dan looked over the motor Anne had it detailed and what a great car! This little car has 200,000 miles on it and runs like a champ. Last night it provided us a safe drive over a very wet, windy and rainy Snoqualmie Pass. The car is like a little mountain goat and Dan always provides great tires on each rig.

George J

Subaru 2003 Impreza

We bought a very nice subaru Impreza in the fall. Anne and Dan have fabulous care of us. We are thrilled and plan to be back for another car! Having a mechanic look over these cars and a beautiful detail job presale makes them a great buy. Thank you Dan and Anne!

Michele L

Subaru 2001 Outback

Anne, The Outback is great. We drove it up to Mt. Rainier and through a huge snow storm, it performed great. I enjoyed talking with you and really appreciated your honesty and directness in the purchasing process. Thanks so much.

Nancy L

Subaru 2000 Outback

We found out about RooSales through our very dependable mechanic, Dan, from RooPair in Tacoma. We were shopping for a dependable car for our daughter and headed to RooSales right away. We were greeted by Anne and felt immediately comfortable with her. She was not pushy at all and gave us the keys for a test drive. Anne held the car that our daughter picked out until we could arrange the financing. By the time that we arrived to finish the sale Anne had the car all washed and vacuumed and ready for us to drive away. Honestly this was the best experience we ever had purchasing a car. Don’t hesitate to go and see for yourself what a great person and car dealer Anne is. Between RooSales and RooPair you can’t go wrong. The car runs great and our daughter loves her first car. Not to mention that we are relieved to know she is driving a Subaru.

Jessica & Eric T

Subaru 2000 Outback

My husband and I have now bought 2 different Subarus from Roo Sales. Anne and Dan have always been friendly, honest, and helpful. They made the buying process easy and left us feeling confident that we have a car that will stay with us for a long time. It’s especially comforting to know that they will always take care of us if something mechanically comes up. Great people, great company! Thanks Roo Sales!

Bruce C

Subaru 1992 Legacy

8Anne & Dan, First of all I would like to thank you both for such outstanding service and honest, ethical advice in my last Subaru purchase in December. Everything and I mean everything on that car is in perfect running condition. I really have zero worries when I buy a car from you guys! Probably the most important part in my decision making is that Dan does an excellent job of taking care of our cars afterward. So, after four car purchases I think I can safely recommend anyone to seriously consider RooSales & RooPair for anything Subaru related. I am one of those people who would never really consider buying a new car, Anne and Dan are the perfect alternative. I can without a doubt give them a 5 star rating. Thank you guys! Sincerely, Bruce C.