Our Mascot Marty!
Marty is a 1969 Subaru 360 sedan restored and modified with a removable vinyl top in place of his original fiberglass top. He has a 2 stroke 2 cylinder rear mounted engine.
We adopted Marty from a family in Eastern Washington where he was a member of their family for many years. They enjoyed taking him to car shows and parades where he often won awards, most often as the People's Choice.

Some 360 History
Production of the 360 sedan in 1958 and it was the first line of cars produced by Fuji Heavy Industries which is the parent company of Subaru. The name 360 is derived from the engine displacement of 356cc.The 360 came in four body styles.
There were two sedans - the "Standard" which was white, the sport model called the "Young" which came in yellow, a van and a pickup model. The 360 was first imported into the US in 1968 by Malcolm Bricklin. The 360 retailed for around $1300 but sales were low and in 1970 production was stopped.
We encourage you to check out the Subaru 360 Club for more information on these wonderful little cars and the people who love them. For additional information, you may contact the "The Subaru 360 Drivers Club".

360 Stats
25 hp - Standard Model
36 hp - Young model
Manual transmission
Fuel capacity 6.6 gallon
Gas mileage 66 mpg
Top speed 60 mph
Vehicle Dimensions:
Length 117.7
Height 54.3
Width 51.2
Wheelbase 70.9
Weight 925 lbs